ICIM 2014

Plenary Speaker

Arian Nijmeijer, Shell, The Netherlands

Arian NijmeijerArian Nijmeijer is Team Leader Membrane Technology in the Projects and Technology division of Royal Dutch Shell. In this role he coordinates membrane research, development and deployment in the broadest sense of the word, ranging from various kinds of aqueous and non-aqueous filtrations to gas separation as well as from various kinds of ceramic and metal membranes to a large range of polymeric membranes.

In the framework of his work at Shell, Arian is board member of the Dutch Membrane Society, Shell representative in the participants assembly of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology and vice chairman of the oil and gas sector of the same Institute.

Since November 2006, Arian is leading the Inorganic Membrane group of the University of Twente as a part-time full professor.

Arian was educated at the University of Twente, where he performed his PhD research in the Inorganic Materials Science Group of Henk Verweij. He graduated in December 1999 on silica membranes for hydrogen removal in steam reforming membrane reactors.

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